Hayat Ramadan

Hayat's Favorites (4th Grade)

Birthday: August 13th

Shirt Size: M

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Gift Card(s): Target, Mardel, Scooters/Starbucks Coffee

Favorite Snack Food(s): Snickers, Hersheys (Almonds), Cheddar Chex Mex, Pistachios

Favorite Drink(s): Coca Cola, Fanta Orange, Coffee, Sparking Water (ICE), Ginger Ale Soda, Sprite

Favorite Places to Eat: Applebees, Cheddars, Olive Garden

Favorite Places to Shop: TJ Max, Bath & Body Works, H&M, Ross, Michaels, Big Lots

Dietary Restrictions/Allergies: None

Likes to Be Appreciated the Most: Words of Affirmation: Thank you Notes 

Top Supply Wishes/Needs This School Year: Foldable Ottomans,  Joy-ink pens, Flair Pens,  Teacher Toolbox, Cricut, Artificial Plants